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Senpex offers courier and delivery service. San Francisco , California, USA The founder of the startup is Azerbaijani entrepreneur Anara Mammadov. Senpex is growing every day, serving more than 2,000 corporate partners and more than 12,000 professional couriers in a short period of time. Through the Senpex application, customers can access food, documents, medicines, car parts, computers, electronics, etc. products to any address within the state with just a few clicks 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekcan carry.







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The task set

The old symbols that did not adequately reflect the power and service of the renewed and evolving startup had to be replaced, and a visual image representing quality and reliability had to be created instead. The symbols to be made were to describe the company's activities, as well as to gain a modern and memorable image.

Our solution

The visual concept idea proposed by us comprehensively covers the customer's wishes. The simple and also modern symbol is made up of a combination of the first letter of the word "Senpex", the shape of the box, the directional arrows depicting the departure and arrival, as well as the silhouette of the person embracing the box.

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